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Angelic by Love Ghost

Olivia Cardona

Jan 19, 2024

Love Ghost has released their latest single, "Angelic" today, read all about it!

Alternative rock band Love Ghost has released their heartbreaking rock ballad, "Angelic," today. The band has been around since 2013, forming when founding member Finnegan Bell was just 14 years old! The band has achieved significant attention, including being featured in Rolling Stone Magazine for their track "Wolfsbane" with Rico Nasty. They have also opened for artists including Smash Mouth, Fuel, and Buckcherry. Love Ghost currently has over 80 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify and over 26 thousand followers on TikTok! The band describes their latest single, "Angelic," as a stripped-down alternative/rock ballad about unrequited love, in the vein of XXXtentacion's Joselyn Flores and The Smashing Pumpkins' "Luna."

Prior to listening to "Angelic," I had not yet heard of Love Ghost, but immediately became hooked. This track is something so romantic yet painful, pulling at your heartstrings all the way through. Though "Angelic" is a simple track with nothing but vocals and an acoustic guitar, I fell in love with it within the first listen. For me, this track tells a story about grieving the loss of the love of your life. It shares all of the beauty, pain, and pondering thoughts that come with loss. It paints a picture for the world about all of the beauty and heartbreak that comes with falling in love. Another significant message I was able to grasp from listening was realizing something about not knowing where a relationship is going makes love so special.

In regards to the track itself, "Angelic" is completely raw and stripped down, giving it such an intimate feel. As something that isn't super typical in punk music, hearing an acoustic song from such an artist was wonderful and completely changes how I view the genre. It shows the world that punk songs could also become a breathtaking work of art that has intimate and raw emotions just like all other genres!

This stripped-down ballad is not the typical music you'll get from Love Ghost but was a breathtaking track for me to hear! After a deep dive into their discography, they have all incredible punk-rock songs that will be sure to have you rocking out.

Love Ghost created such a heartbreaking yet romantic track that will have you hooked! With all that said, I highly suggest taking the time to check them out if you love artists such as Lil Peep, KennyHoopla, and girlfriends. Stream "Angelic" wherever you stream music! We thank Love Ghost for sharing their talent with us and cannot wait to see what they achieve in the future!

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