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Billie Eilish's New Singles

Isabella Soares-Sousa &
Olivia Cardona

Jul 28, 2022

Billie Eilish releases two new songs ,'TV' and 'The 30th,' in her mini EP/Singles "Guitar Songs." We've had a few days to digest these songs; here is what we have to say!

Billie Eilish has done it once again with her new singles "TV" and "The 30th." These singles are featured in Billie's mini EP "Guitar Songs." Billie is usually very open about when and how she release her music; however, these singles came as a shock to not only everyone who isn't on the Billie Eilish side of the internet, but to her loyal fans as well. Dropped just days before the one year anniversary of the "Happier Than Ever" album, fans were taken a back and fully shocked for what the singer had put out into the Billieverse.


I've been a fan of Billie's since 2018! However, she completely took me and the entire fandom through a whirl wind of emotion with her new release. Billie is known for her insane bass and beats; however in these singles we simply get Billie Eilish and a guitar. It's raw emotion put on display and you can feel every in in each breath/word Billie sings.


My first listen to “Guitar Songs” immediately took my breath away. These beautiful songs target very emotional topics with “TV” discussing heartbreak while also mentioning bigger issues such as the overturn of “Roe v Wade” , and “The 30th” being about a friend involved in an accident.

"TV" is a song that was first performed during Billie's second World Tour "Happier Than Ever, The World Tour." In Manchester, Billie sang the song for the crowd for the first time. Screams erupted as the singer announced the song and it followed with them following along to the lyrics. Billie includes this moment in her song; in minute 3:52, voices of fans can be heard repeating the words "Maybe I'm the problem."


Goosebumps... that is what I feel every time I hear this song. I have to have listened to this song over 100 times now and I still get that sensation. My body goes cold and the hairs on my arm stand up like I have heard a voice of an angel speaking directly to my soul. The crowd singing along completely took me a back and had me grasping at my headphones to make sure was hearing it correctly. Billie always takes the extra step to make sure the fans are involved as much as possible. With this song, she allows our voices to be heard and it's something I think only Billie Eilish could really execute.


After listening to the studio version of “TV” I had tears running down my cheeks and chills through my entire body. The lyrics already made me very emotional when I first heard the song knowing how much my past self related to it. Once I heard the voices of thousands of fans singing “Maybe I’m the problem” along with Eilish made me feel a thousand times more connected to the song.

In the Zane Lowe Show, Billie is seen talking about the importance of the song "The 30th" and how that day impacted her so much she just had to write about it. The singer does not mention a specific incident, but does mention the date November 30th. Although we don't know the full story behind why this day was so important for Billie, we can feel every emotion through each breath and word she sings to us.


I sobbed... Billie had me sobbing in the office of my full-time job. This song just resonated with me in ways I never thought possible. I have never lost someone very close to me, but I know that fear of being scared to loose or to see a loved one get hurt. Billie sings, "I remember you said you were scared and so was I." This perfectly describes that fear of having someone close to you be hurt and scared while you too fell the same fear for them. I applaud Billie for being able to put not only fear, and worry in thing song, but how those two emotions come together to show just how much a person can love another person.


When listening to “The 30th” for the first time I immediately fell in love with it. Something about Billie’s voice paired with an acoustic guitar never fails to amaze me, and “The 30th” was nothing short of that. Hearing the bridge of this song for the first time gave me goosebumps. After every listen to follow I still had chills, something only a handful of songs can do to me.

Guitar songs was an unexpected surprise, but probably the best surprise for any Billie fan out there. Fans immediately streamed the song and it even rose to the top 5 on iTunes! "TV" and "The 30th" are just two of the amazing projects the sister and brother duo have produced. These songs give hope that the two are writing for the next album and it will contain just as much emotion as these two songs put together. We are so excited to see what the duo have up their sleeves for next year.

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