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Brad Wilson’s “Chasing Ghosts,” The Newest Addition to Any Summer Playlist?

Kara Napier

Jun 28, 2024

Read all about why Kara thinks this should be the next song you add to your summer playlist!

Whether you’re dealing with an obnoxious heat wave or mild breeze this summer, Brad

Wilson’s newest and highly anticipated single, “Chasing Ghosts”, released today is a must add to any summer playlist.

Brad Wilson is a multi-instrumentalist out of New Jersey with an ambitious and

captivating sound, blending traditional pop foundations with a folk and soul finish. Releasing singles since 2019, Wilson is set to release his first EP, “Chasing Ghosts”, with his title track being a sample of his dedication to sound.

The single itself presents with bright and warming piano playing, almost a reflection of a

walk in the park on a nice summer day where birds are singing and tree leaves swaying with the wind in harmony. Wilson’s vocals on top are a soft and solemn addition that encourages the listener to ponder and pay closer attention not only to the lyrics, but to the feeling of the world around them;. To focus on those trees and birds. The two instruments primarily used, piano and his voice, act almost as opposites in love; giving two different feelings that meld together beautifully.

One line I loved the most was Wilson’s, “Sun can see my soul. I try to grow…” I find this

line beautiful as the reflection of sun and growth in tandem is so innately tied together, especially in the summer when crops are preparing for harvest and sunflowers are blooming. Lines like this is why “Chasing Ghosts” should be your newest addition to any summer playlist.

If you enjoy Brad Wilson’s newest single, then you should stay tuned for the EP to

follow! If you also enjoy bands such as the Black Keys or their guitarist Dan Auerbach, then I highly suggest Brad Wilson who carries a similar flare of soul within his art.

For future updates, be sure to check of Brad Wilson below!

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