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Caroline Romano’s New Single “Doesn’t Matter” and Why It Should Matter to You

Kara Napier

May 13, 2024

Nashville’s up and coming alternative indie pop star Caroline Romano released a brand-new single called “Doesn’t Matter”

Nashville’s up and coming alternative indie pop star Caroline Romano is releasing a brand-new single called “Doesn’t Matter” on May 3rd, 2024! With over 33,000 listeners on Spotify, Caroline has been releasing music since 2017 and has no intention of stopping. She recently has started her co headlining tour with Small Pools in April and is selling out the almost all the venues she’s hitting! 

Her latest single takes you through a story of the romantic dread your brain screams about when it comes to the uncertainty of a lover; if you are truly their only option or another piece in their love game. Otherwise, you’ll be wrenched into the spiral of who else matters, do I matter, does this matter?

Through vulnerable, seeking vocals over a punchy beat and catchy chorus, Caroline commands the listener to fall into their own raw experiences and live them through her sound. With a smooth, airy production and interesting overlays to her vocals, Caroline presents her emotions deeply and you’re never far from the back and forth of her feelings. 

A song easy to play over and over is sometimes hard to find, but Caroline has no issue with this one. Given the chance, I’ve listened to it over 10 times, bobbing my head in the middle of a café, mouthing the lyrics, and possibly looking crazy, but it doesn’t matter! 

If you enjoy Caroline’s song, you should check out her other music on Spotify and follow her on Instagram where you can get updates on future music releases and her tour dates! “Doesn’t Matter” is out now on all streaming platforms, and I strongly encourage you to go take a listen for yourself! 

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