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Contagious by Sofi Vonn

Olivia Cardona

Feb 2, 2024

Sofi Vonn unleashed her latest single "Contagious" today! Delve into Liv's reactions to the track.

London-based singer-songwriter, Sofi Vonn, has released her new single “Contagious” today. The queer electronic pop artist has had an impressive career so far, with multiple tracks surpassing over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. Her music has been featured in the top five on the UK dance chart as well as on McDonald's UK Tiktok. Sofi shares deep lyrics with bright energy and super relatable stories to all people growing up. She expresses many emotions and thoughts about love, sexuality, and life experiences. Her vibrant storytelling and amazing vocals will have you completely drawn in. When discussing “Contagious,” Sofi said, “As my first single of the year, it feels right to put this queer love song out of the back of how my 2023 ended. Following my November release, a cover of Sophie B. Hawkins’ “Damn I Wish Your Lover,” Sophie and her team invited me to perform the song up on stage with her at her London show” It was surreal to get that recognition from her and her audience, authentically and how I want to present myself and my music moving forward to which I thought… I can’t go wrong with an original gay girl anthem.”

Prior to receiving “Contagious,” I had only briefly heard Sofi’s name but had not had the chance to listen to her music. I immediately regretted not listening sooner after hearing her voice. Beginning off with a super unique beat, the track instantly pulled me into it. I honestly struggled to tell whether the instrumentals were distorted guitars or keys, but I absolutely adored that factor. Within seconds you’re greeted by Sofi’s addictive vocals beginning to paint a picture of her love. Though the vocals start off soft, they create the perfect energy for the song. Starting off by sharing how she would do absolutely anything for this girl, and she hoped she would do the same. She builds up the story with more about her lover, soon moving into the addictive and catchy chorus that will have you humming it for days.

With such mesmerizing vocals and incredible lyrics, this song perfectly depicts the feeling of queer love. Sofi somehow shares the fear and all of the beauty of love in this track with such an uplifting energy. I haven’t heard anybody capture those feelings of LGBT love in such a unique yet perfect way. Listening to this song, I envision myself screaming all the lyrics and driving with the windows down, the absolutely perfect way to experience any song. I feel this is the perfect song for both hopeless romantics and those madly in love! This track is absolutely going to imprison your mind for days.

With all said, I highly recommend checking her out if you adore artists such as Muna, Olivia Rodrigo, and Masie Peters. “Contagious” is out now on all platforms, and we hope you give it a listen! Sofi’s talent is something so rare to find, and we cannot wait to see what's next to come!

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