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I Don't Wanna Leave Just Yet by Thomas Day

Isabella Soares Sousa & Olivia Cardona

Sep 29, 2023

Thomas Day has released his latest single! Here's what we have to say.

Thomas Day, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, has released his new single, ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet.’ The singer began his musical journey at just age 9 after joining musical theater and has not stopped since. His career kicked off after his 2020 America’s Got Talent performance, in which he was able to make it to the semi-finals. This exposure not only brought his name to light but also left him with a large number of fans following his journey long after the show. Thomas has amassed over 130 million streams worldwide in 2023 alone and currently has 800k monthly listeners on Spotify! His discography is full of incredible music, including his last single ‘Gravity,’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet’ is another one of his strong radio-ready songs that while take you on a journey of its own. Thomas states, “It’s basically about that feeling of not wanting to say goodbye to somebody that you know you have to, and knowing that you’re never going to see that person again.”



I heard of Thomas a few years back and absolutely fell in love with his music after seeing him perform “Break My Heart Again” by FINNEAS on America’s Got Talent. He’s been under my radar since then, but I became fully invested in his journey as an artist after he released his last single, “Gravity.” Thomas’ new song, “I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet,” is a powerful song that proves yet again how talented he is. As a song that is about not wanting to say goodbye, it could have the interpretation of either losing a relationship or even possibly losing a friend or family member. This song really captured my attention and pulled at my heartstrings. After going through a lot of loss this year, I really resonated with the simple act of not wanting to say goodbye. Besides connecting so strongly with the lyrics, Thomas’ vocals are bone-chillingly powerful. I had goosebumps down my arms after listening to it the first time. Like most of his songs, the buildup on “I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet” is remarkable, really giving the song its signature Thomas feel. This song is amazing, and I look forward to seeing what else Thomas achieves in the rest of this year!


I am a newfound Thomas Day fan; no shame about it! We had the pleasure of listening to Thomas’ last single, ‘Gravity,’ earlier this month before it came out, and it completely knocked me unconscious; it was so good. Since then, I have been keeping up with him and his journey through the music world. We have had the pleasure to, once again, review his latest single, ‘I Don't Wanna Leave Just Yet.’ If you don’t know Thomas, he has a specific kind of sound that is unique to him and works so well with all the music he has released thus far.

In this latest single, Thomas starts off with a soft strum of the guitar while his voice slowly engulfs the sound. His voice is breathy and allows us to see the pain behind each word. One of the lyrics that stuck out to me was at the beginning of the song when he said, “All I want is all I had.” OUCH! Talk about a stab to the heart. This simple line really puts you in the perspective of his pain and the need not to say goodbye; he had everything he wanted, and now he isn’t going to have it anymore. He mentions knowing that he has to leave, but he wants to spend every last moment that he has without having to say goodbye. He really puts you into his world, and just how much hurt having to do this is inflicting on him. Saying goodbye is never easy, and explaining that feeling of when we need to have just one more moment before something is taken from us can sometimes be challenging to put into words, but I feel that Thomas has done a great job of not only describing that feeling, he embodies it with this entire song.  

I really appreciate how Thomas and his production team include his little breaths at specific points of the song. Usually, when we listen to music, the breaths that we take in between are cut to allow for a cleaner flow. However, allowing these breaths to be present on the track gives the song a more natural and organic feel; each small breath he takes that is included on the track is when he is begging to have just one moment with the person he doesn’t want to say goodbye to. It gives the song a more desperate feel like there is no time, and you need to say everything that is on your mind before it’s too late. The production and mastering of this song give it such an eerie feel, like this feeling of not wanting to leave or say goodbye is haunting. This is no easy feat, and I commend every person who worked on this track for being able to capture that.  

This song just shows how talented Thomas is as a vocalist and how well his production team can capture those feelings associated with his lyrics. I am always excited to hear one of Thomas’ new songs, but this might be my favorite so far. 


Thomas Day’s new single is out now on all streaming platforms! We highly recommend checking his music out if you enjoy artists like David Kushner, Lewis Capaldi, and FINNEAS. We absolutely love this song and think you would, too! We cannot wait to see what else Thomas does, but until then, stream ‘I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet’!

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