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Interviewing Bre Kennedy

Isabella Soares-Sousa

Nov 10, 2023

We had the honor of interviewing Bre Kennedy for her new album! Here's what she had to say!

Bre Kennedy is a pop singer/writer and released her sophomore album, "Scream Over Everything" today. Bre has had a huge year so far, obtaining over 250,000 monthly listeners! We had the pleasure of interviewing Bre to learn some more about the process of this new album! If you're interested in learning more about Bre, check out our review of "Scream Over Everything".

Your sophomore album is coming out! How are you feeling about it being out in the world?

Scream Over Everything was such a cathartic album to make. I have truly grown with each song as it has come out. I feel so grateful to feel so deeply connected with a body of work like this in real time. I feel like this album is an organic extension of my story as an artist and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Who or where do you draw inspiration from?

This album was written over the course of a year or change, big life shifts and a-ha moments about what was and wasn't serving me in my life anymore. When I wasn't on the road with Joy Oladukun or The Paper Kites last year, I was in the studio writing out my life as it was happening to me in these shifts. So many of these songs are real time time capsules of how I was feeling at the end of my 20's in the learning of how to show up for myself with all that I learned through them. How to let that part of me scream over everything.


What is your favorite song off the album?

Mm, I love so many of these songs and it's always subject to change but if I had to choose right now ... it would be "Scream Over Everything" because it was the first song I wrote from the album and getting to sing it from where I stand now feels incredible.

What was one of your favorite songs to create? 

My favorite song to record was "Navigating". It was so much fun shouting into the void with my co-writers, Emily Hackett and Davis Naish. From writing the song to recording everything... it was so cathartic.

We saw on your socials that a lot of coffee was consumed in the making of this album. If you could describe the album as a coffee drink, what would it be?

Hahahha. I love that observation. LOVE this question. Well, the album feels like that euphoric caffeine kick you get from a strong cup of espresso but then feels cozy, sweet, personal and present in other moments so I think it would be a triple espresso lavender latte with oatmilk. (purely because that's my dream coffee)

You just came back from a headlining tour. What was that like, and what was one of your favorite moments of touring?

This tour was so special to me. This tour felt SO cathartic and right on time. One of my favorite moments was in Milwaukee. After the show some wonderful people came up to me and said they'd wished I'd played my song "Nothing Compares" and so we went backstage and played it for them together in the same room. Their faces are engraved in my memory. So life giving. The gratitude I felt watching music heal in real time. And of course, getting to bring "Scream Over Everything" to life every night.

We saw that you were in Portugal. ( I am from Portugal and loved seeing how much you enjoyed being there!) What was your favorite part of being there, and how was it influential to where you think you will take this musical journey?

Wow! Yes! I. Fell. In love. With. Portugal. I was in awe of Lisbon and the culture of Portugal. The people. The architecture, the food, the feeling of life happening at every moment there. This was the first solo trip I took myself on to celebrate "Scream Over Everything" coming out and to reflect on it and one of my favorite parts was getting to walk around for hours listening to this album walking through the streets of Alfama in awe. I also loved getting to watch the incredible Fado singers. I know this trip inspired me in ways that will integrate over time and find a way into my next record. I've already written down "Tiles".

We are heavily fan-oriented and were wondering how your fans influence you and/or your music. 

I am inspired by people. People's stories. People's point of connection. My favorite part of getting to share my music is hearing other peoples stories and how they are navigating through it all. I believe we are all mirrors and only see ourselves clearer through the eyes of those around us.

Do you have a favorite interaction with a fan/fans? If so, what is the story of said interaction?

That first hello when I get to meet someone who has been listening to my music is one of my favorites. Getting to put a face to a name or an instagram message I've received. Seeing humanity is my favorite part.

What do your fans mean to you?

I am only able to continue creating because of the people who listen and support my music. I am so thankful.


I hope "Scream Over Everything" can find someone on a day they need to hear something like the words i've written.

We are excited to say that Bre's new album is currently out on all streaming platforns! It has been such a pleasure to work with Bre and her team for this interview. Thank you to Bre for letting us see a glimpse in the works of this album! Be sure to check out "Scream Over Everything" out now!

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