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Lonely Times by Gabi Sklar

Emily Freeland

Nov 10, 2023

Gabi Sklar released her latest single off her upcoming EP yesterday! Read about what our very talented Emily Freeland had to say!!

Dive into the hauntingly beautiful soundscape crafted by the talented Gabi Sklar in her latest single, “Lonely Times.” Hailing from a diverse musical background, Gabi has emerged as a force to be reckoned with, seamlessly blending elements of indie pop, folk, and soul to create a sound uniquely her own.

Gabi’s journey as an artist began to unfold at a young age, as she found solace and expression through music. Growing up surrounded by a myriad of influences, from all different elements of pop and from the masters of the music-making craft, she embarked on a musical exploration that would ultimately shape her distinctive style. Her work with elite producers, songwriters, vocal coaches, choreographers, and performance coaches, has helped mold her inherent talent into what it is today. With millions of followers across TikTok and Instagram, she has gained the support and love that allows her to continue to perfect her already impeccable craft, her style hinting at a profound understanding of emotion and a keen ability to translate personal experiences into universally resonant music. 

“Lonely Times” serves to prove Gabi’s artistic evolution. A precursor to her much-anticipated 2024 EP, a collection that promises to showcase her versatility as an artist further, the single captures the essence of vulnerability, weaving a tapestry of introspective lyrics with an evocative musical backdrop. Gabi’s ethereal voice, paired with melancholic yet uplifting instrumentation, creates a sonic experience that lingers in the heart long after the final note. With each word, it felt as though she was inviting me to explore the intricacies of human emotion through her soul-stirring compositions. 

As Gabi Sklar continues to carve her path in the music industry, “Lonely Times” stands as an example of her authenticity and the timeless power she has to connect us all. “Lonely Times” is a way for us to join her throughout the highs and lows of life, expressed through the universal language of song. Stream “Lonely Times” now and take a listen to Gabi’s other music, and don’t forget to prepare for her upcoming EP!

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