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Scream Over Everything

Olivia Cardona

Nov 10, 2023

Bre Kennedy has released her sophomore album "Scream Over Everything" today. Read all about Liv's thoughts here!

Bre Kennedy, the pop singer, songwriter, and producer has released her sophomore album, "Scream Over Everything" today. Bre has been playing music since she first picked up a guitar at age 12, soon performing all around Los Angeles. She built a loyal following and began releasing music independently in 2017. She has had an impressive career so far, with over 250,000 monthly Spotify listeners and having her album worked on by some huge music producers and mixers. Bre says, "It's called "Scream Over Everything" because I wrote these songs about screaming over all the noise around me, whether it's social media, the chaos of the world, or the stories I've been telling myself...The whole record feels visceral and alive. It's about returning to myself now. Previously, my writing was very nostalgic - this album is intentionally very present." She put so much energy into this record that every listener can resonate with it and hear the passion in every note and lyric.

Before listening to this album, I had briefly heard of Bre's name but had not yet listened to her work. The album begins with "Retrospect", a song that immediately wraps the listener into Bre's vocals. Her vocals are absolutely beautiful mixed with amazing production. As I continued to listen to the record, I began to sink more and more into Bre's vocals. Once I made it to track three, "Meantime", I fell in love with the song in its entirety. Her vocals and the production made me listen to it over and over again, and never getting tired of it. From the lyrics to layering of the vocals, mixed with the variety of range in the tracks this album really creates a space for the listener to let it all out, just like Bre intended.

After listening to this album as a whole, my favorite track was a thousand percent, "Meantime". This song was nothing but perfect from start to finish and truly made me fall in love with Bre's talent as an artist. I also really enjoyed the title track, "Scream Over Everything", another incredible song. This song has a perfect build up with it and shows off Bre’s astounding vocals. I cannot wait to see what else Bre puts out in the future!

Overall this album was an absolute banger from start to finish. Bre is truly such a talented artist and will have you hooked with the first listen to her! If you like artists such as Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo you'll adore Bre Kennedy. We cannot wait to see the things Bre will achieve in the future. "Scream Over Everything" is out now on all streaming platforms.

If you'd like to learn more about Bre and her experience writing this album, check out our interview with her here!

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