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Shakedown by Native Strangers

Isabella Soares-Sousa

Jan 17, 2024

The talented and creative Native Strangers have released another genre-bending song! Read all about what Isabella had to say!

Native Strangers recently dropped their latest single, “Shakedown,” marking another stellar addition to their musical journey that began in 2015. This collective of skilled musicians showcases a deep passion for music evident throughout their discography. Pete Jiles, the lead singer, stands out as the vocal powerhouse, driving the essence of their tracks. Zach Albert, a master of drums and rhythm, ensures every beat resonates within their songs. Lastly, the guitar genius Dan Wilson adds a classic rock feel with his masterful riffs and solos.

For someone always seeking new voices and sounds, discovering Native Strangers has been a highlight of the new year. Before encountering “Shakedown,” the band was unfamiliar, yet their sound encapsulates early punk rock, blues, and alternative rock. Their ability to fuse and shape these genres into a distinctive sound deserves praise.

The first few seconds of any song are critical, and Native Strangers excels at grabbing the listener's attention, pulling them into the beats and melodies. The track features otherworldly guitar riffs perfectly complementing the lead vocalist's voice. The guitar solos, with their unique distortion, stand out without overshadowing the song's overall dynamics. The instrumentals blend seamlessly, creating a captivating song that leaves the listener eager for more. As a newcomer to the genre, I appreciate the song's straightforwardness, capturing the essence of the music with precision.

Production quality is a notable aspect of "Shakedown." The clean sound and meticulous mastering efforts are evident, enhancing the overall listening experience. Every element fits and flows cohesively, contributing to the ability to enjoy this song.

In conclusion, Native Strangers is a must-listen for fans of Dead Vinyl, Ocean Ally, and Rainbow Kitten Surprise. The anticipation is high for what Native Strangers will bring to the table this year. "Shakedown" is available on all streaming platforms, and we highly recommend giving this song a listen!

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