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Spell by Dora Jar

Isabella Soares-Sousa & Olivia Cardona

Oct 24, 2022

Dora Jar released her new single ‘Spell’ on October 21st, and here is what we have to say.

Dora Jar is a new and upcoming indie/alternative artist that everyone should have on their 2022 radar. She opened for Billie Eilish in her 'Happier Than Ever World Tour.' However, she has made a name for herself outside of her opening act. She has accumulated 436,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and recently released her first vinyl that included 2 of her latest EPs, comfortably in pain, and Digital Meadow. She is bringing music to new places and allows her creativity to flow freely. She is going on her first headlining North America tour this year, 'The Opening Tour.' She is set to hit the states and Canada this November, starting on the 3rd in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Dora Jar has been in my top 3 for the past six months, and I plan on keeping it that way. I always am entranced with everything attached to her name. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with her, and I can confirm she is the sweetest human being alive. (link to the blog post) Her music and videos hold magic, and everything she does has so much power. Her creativity and her love for what she does sends me back to her music every time.


I’ve been a fan of Dora since seeing her live on the 'Happier Than Ever World Tour' and have become a bigger fan each time I listen to her. Her music is something so different and so perfect, almost like a hug from your favorite person. Besides being an insanely talented artist, Dora is also one of the purest people I’ve seen. She’s been nothing but kind to all of her fans and makes sure to take the time to interact and thank everyone for their support! Her energy is nothing but positive, and you can’t help but smile when you hear her name. This is only the start for Dora, and I cannot wait to see what else she achieves. 


Spell, Dora’s latest single, is only two chords, but puts you in a trance like every lyric is magic. The song consists of Dora’s angelic vocals taking you through a walk in the woods while nature takes place around you. She states in her latest Instagram post that she “made it on the floor with Aaron( @apobington) and Jeremy.” We expect nothing less from Dora; she produces music so creatively and with so much passion that it pours out of her music. 


I was lucky enough to hear this song live before anyone else could at the Lego Lates event in New York. When she played the song, the room went quiet, and I swear I was holding my breath so that I wouldn’t interrupt the music flowing from my ears into my bloodstream. The simple two chords allow for Dora’s voice to do all the work while it takes you through the journey that is this song. We don’t get many acoustic songs from Dora, but this one tops all of them. Am I biased cause I saw this live before anyone? Yes, but I don’t care because it is just that leremarkable!


Dora has done nothing but blow me away with each release, and 'Spell' is no different. Like most of her songs, this release has a beautiful combination of her voice paired with her guitar, creating something truly mystical and magical. It's hard to explain how much I adore this song. Listening to this song for the first time made me feel like I was levitating. It’s definitely one of my top releases from the past few months, and I cannot wait to see it live next month!

Dora adds yet another breathtaking single to her discography with this new song. If you are looking for the perfect song for this fall season, look no further! Stream 'Spell' on all streaming platforms now! 

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