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take me out this place. by bren.

Isabella Soares-Sousa

Feb 9, 2024

Bren's punk anthem 'take me out this place' unleashes rebellion and individuality.

The punk singer-songwriter, bren., released his latest single, “take me out this place.” At the early age of 20, Bren’s latest song goes into the challenges of standing out in a mediocre and judgemental town; in addition, it shows how Bren overcame this and found his own individuality through his music journey! This single is dedicated to his passion for pushing boundaries in art. Bren says, “I’ve always had a strong passion for the arts that can show the highest amount of emotion, and my goal is to take over the punk scene. Living in a small, old-fashioned town has only fueled my desire to challenge norms and revive the punk genre and ‘take me out of this place,’ is a rallying cry for those who refuse to conform and dare to be different.”

Bren’s ability to completely suck you into his world is truly commendable. The song starts off with a voice memo that has you questioning what is going on, and then it quickly snaps to a punk rock beat that makes you want to jump around.  The production on the track is heavenly, and it’s evident that a lot of time and attention went into the production/mastering of this track. The song has a perfect mix of electric guitar and drums; these elements perfectly blend and mold Bren’s vocals in the song. Every musical decision on this track allowed this song to have amazing buildups and an even better chorus structure. Bren’s voice has hints of pop and punk rock that make his songs so easy to love right from the start! I have had this song on repeat for the past week, and has me questioning how I haven’t heard of him earlier! Bren has so much talent to offer, and I am super excited for his upcoming EP! 

Bren currently has 5k monthly listeners, and now is your chance to be an early fan of his. He has a few tracks in his discography, but we only see him going up from here on out! You’ll love Bren and his music if you like artists such as jxdn, Beauty School Dropout, and KennyHoopla. Listen to “take me out this place” now on all streaming platforms!

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