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THIS TIME by Tom Webber

Olivia Cardona

Feb 8, 2024

With strong guitar rifts and incredible vocals, Tom Webber's latest single "This Time" will have you hooked! Read all about Liv's feelings here.

Singer-songwriter Tom Webber released his latest single, "This Time" last month. Known for his powerful storytelling, and modern yet retro feel, Tom has over 15,000 monthly listeners and is only going up! He has been releasing music since 2020, using his infectious guitar skills and strong vocals to steal the hearts of listeners. "This Time" is described as "perfect for the open road and a potential anthem in the making."

Prior to being sent "THIS TIME", Tom had not yet been under my radar. I immediately became hooked on his work. When first listening to this track I was unsure what to expect. Within seconds I was taken aback by how unique and addictive his vocals are. I'm unsure how to even put words to describe them besides mesmerizing. They're absolutely mesmerizing.

The production of this track is also incredible with such a fun beat. These instrumentals blend perfectly with Tom's vocals. The inclusion of many little sound effects throughout the song bring it to the next level. He includes some claps, whistles, and some super subtle, yet unique guitar and bass rifts. After deep diving into Tom's past work, he typically has less upbeat and more of a relaxing folk feel to his tracks. Both genres fit his voice absolutely perfectly and will leave you hooked.

This upbeat indie song is the perfect addition to any playlist and will have you singing along immediately. If you like artists such as FINNEAS, Gorillaz, and Post Malone you will fall in love with Tom Webber. "This Time" is out now on all streaming platforms and I highly recommend giving it a listen. The addictive bass line and vocals will be sure to have you hooked! Tom is high on the rise and we cannot wait to see what he achieves this year.

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