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Too Young For This by Emma Ogier

Olivia Cardona

Sep 1, 2023

Emma Ogier released her third single ever today and here's our thoughts!

Emma Ogier, a nineteen-year-old who released her first single, 'First Base,' in June, has been quickly gaining popularity on TikTok as she begins to make a name for herself. Although Emma has been doing this for a few months, she has amassed over 38,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone! The Houston native now lives in Nashville, where she continues her musical career. As she continues to get the attention of more rising artists such as Maggie Rogers and Del Water Gap, she recently wrapped up a US tour supporting the talented Michaela Slinger. While enduring her indie-pop style music, Emma gains inspiration from artists including Phoebe Bridgers and Joni Mitchell. With this rise and newfound attention, Emma has released her latest single, 'Too Young For That,' and it is nothing less than remarkable!


Before being sent Emma Ogier’s new single, 'Too Young For That,' I had not previously heard her name or music. After listening to the song, I was very impressed with it in its entirety. From the vocals to songwriting, Emma has got it all under the belt. 'Too Young For That' is a song relatable to any teenager or adult, me included. The lyrics are a huge punch in the gut, discussing the mental ties to a relationship that already ended. I really enjoyed the lyrics and production of the song. I feel like the guitar and slight keys in the background toward the end of the song really tie it together. Though 'Too Young For That' has a slightly happier tone with the production, the lyrics are really heartbreaking. This song was put together perfectly and I’m excited to see what else Emma achieves in the future!

Emma Ogier is someone to look out for this upcoming year, and we highly recomend giving her a listen if you like artists including Alix Page, Marren Morris, and Grace Enger. Emma Ogier’s new single is out now on all streaming platforms! I absolutely loved this song and cannot wait to see what else Emma produces! Go stream 'Too Young For That' now!


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