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Why Not by Naomi Jane

Olivia Cardona

Jan 12, 2024

Naomi Jane released her cinematic love song, "Why Not". Read about Liv's thoughts here!

Singer Naomi Jane has released her latest single, "Why Not" last month. Begining her career at the incredibly young age of 4, Naomi grew up in many theater and television productions including many off Broadway musical theater roles. She is now 14 years old and begining to grow in the music industry with her cinematic take on music. With over 70,000 monthly listeners Naomi is quickly becoming a rising artist! "Why Not" is described as a hopeful love song. She says, “I still believe in Rom-Coms! I am not a hopeless romantic, I am a hopeful one. And at the age of fourteen - who isn't or wasn't? This song is about the longing for “perfect” love - the kind of love movies are made about. Romantic Comedies made me fall in love with love and Why Not tells the story of how girls (like me) still look for the rom-com romance in real life. It's not impossible!”

Before recieving this track I had not yet heard of Naomi, within seconds of my first listen I had chills rush through my body. The track begins with a simple beat and soon brings in her captivating vocals, pulling the listener deep into the story being told. The simplicity of the production gives a mesmerizingly cinematic feel to the track. In addition, you can feel all of the power, pain, and love she put into every aspect of the song. She has such a strong vocal range and shows it off with the incrediable build up through the track. Along with this she leaves many small gaps of silence giving the listener time to ponder on the story being told in this song. This gives such a raw, compelling aura to the track, leaving all listeners captivated by her work.

Naomi creates a heartbreakingly hopeful envirornment for the world to experience. She tells a beautful story about wanting the once in a lifetime type of love you find in the movies. With all of that said, I highly suggest taking time to experience the world of "Why Not" for yourself. If you love artists like Grace Enger, Olivia Rodrigo, and Alix Page, Naomi Jane will be your new favorite artist! This is just the begining for 14 year old Naomi Jane and we look forward to seeing what else she achieves in the future.

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