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Meet The Team

Bringing stories to light!

Get acquainted with the vibrant minds behind Fanaticus – a diverse team of passionate individuals dedicated to capturing the essence of music through the lens of both words and images.


About Our Photographers and Writers

Our talented team of photographers possesses a keen eye for visual storytelling and is adept at freezing moments in time that resonate with the soul of the music. From concert stages to intimate studio sessions, our photographers translate the magic of sound into captivating visuals.

Complementing their artistry, our team of writers brings a rich tapestry of perspectives and insights to the pages of Fanaticus. With a collective passion for music that knows no bounds, our writers skillfully craft narratives that elevate the artist's journey, exploring the nuances of production, lyricism, and the overall sonic experience.

Together, our photographers and writers form the beating heart of Fanaticus, weaving a web of creativity that amplifies the voices of emerging artists and brings the music to life. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover, celebrate, and share the captivating stories that make the world of music endlessly fascinating.

Meet The Team

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