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Lizzy McAlpine

          We had the pleasure of seeing Lizzy perform live at Terminal 5 in NYC. If you want an in depth perspective of our experience at the show, read our latest blog post! With this, here is what we have to say about the show!



Stage Presence



         Based on my own scale, I gave her this rating because of the lack of complete interaction with fans and movement across the entire stage. For me, stage presence is the ability to perform, move around on the stage, and organically interact with fans. Lizzy mainly stays center stage with the exception of some movement around the mic stand and to different instruments; I felt as if she could have used every single inch of that stage to connect with fans. She did have little moments with her fans, like when she reacted to the two fan projects that were planned and executed that night. Don't expect her to react to signs or shouts because she rarely does.



          Personally, I’d give Lizzy’s stage presence a 7.5 out of 10 solely because of her lack of fan interaction. Though she did have very small heartfelt moments with fans throughout the show, I feel she lacked using her entire stage to perform to the audience when she could. She spent most of the night center stage with her guitar, but when she wasn’t performing with her guitar, she remained within the center of the stage.





          Before discussing the show aspect of her performance, I want to discuss the intricacies of her stage layout. Lizzy is a former theater kid, and we can see this shine through in how she organized her stage this year. The set looks like an apartment like she is bringing us into her world to see a replica of where all the magic happens. She creates this effect by including makeshift walls; posters and photos line the walls like they have stories to be shared and told within them. The set also has two makeshift windows that give the set a more realistic feel. Her bassist, Will Easley, and drummer, Max Flanders, sit on the left side of the stage, while her guitarist, Kelly, sits to the right of the stage. In the middle of the stage lives a sofa, an upright piano, and a shelf; it is filled with little trinkets, books, and mementos, making the set seem homey and even more realistic.


          These little details play into how we can better understand her music and her thought process behind this year's set. All the small details made me feel fully immersed in the show; each song she played seemed more personal and drew me into the story she told us. I would consider Lizzy’s concert this year to be more like a show than anything else. There is a story being told, and each song, movement, and element was done as if it were rehearsed acts; each one being a different day and time she was writing these songs. She includes little things that might seem just like part of the show, like how she turns on and off certain lights during specific parts. However, I see this as her showing us how, where, and when each song was written. For example, when she turns on the lights before performing “I Guess” and sits on her sofa, I see it as if she wrote this song at night on her sofa and is portraying this as a performance. With this in mind, I am utterly blown away by Lizzy’s performance this year. I have never seen anyone tackle a show with so many intricate details as this one. Overall, Lizzy puts on an amazing show, both vocally and performatively.



           Her ability to perform with nothing but a guitar, microphone, and her band while giving an almost heavenly performance vocally makes this rating undeniably true. Out of all the shows I’ve been to, Lizzy’s vocals have been some of the best live vocals I’ve experienced. With her setlist consisting of mostly mellow songs, with a handful of more upbeat songs, you cannot help but scream all these lyrics at the top of your lungs. Seeing Lizzy McAlpine perform live is both the best therapy session of your life along with simply having the time of your life.



          Lizzy does a phenomenal job of evenly incorporating her older songs with her most recent songs and even dropping a few unreleased ones in the mix. Each song flows perfectly together with the transitions she has created for this tour. Her mic throughout the show was most definitely ON; her vocals had me levitating into another dimension. Lizzy does a great job of playing the songs we love and cherish, but adds little runs to make it ever so different. In addition, her setlist has a perfect mix of upbeat and mellow songs; each one molding together like it was meant to be performed that way, even if some of the songs aren't in the same album. Her unreleased songs allow everyone in the audience to hear her voice, something you usually don’t get to hear due to the volume of the crowd, and hear a snippet of what her next album will consist of. I would have given her a 10 out of 10, but she lost a point because she didn't perform “Angelina,” one of my favorites. Nonetheless, I think this setlist is perfection.  



          I feel, as though, she has achieved the perfect balance of songs from both her latest album, along with some older songs and new unreleased ones. Based on the songs she did include on the setlist, I genuinely believe she picked the majority of the fan favorites and had the best possible setlist. She included a wide range of both upbeat and more mellow songs, along with unreleased songs, to give the crowd time to simply admire her voice. All in all, I genuinely think this setlist is perfect for this tour!










Her setlist for this year’s show consisted of these songs:


an ego thing 

Over-the-Ocean Call (Andrew)

all my ghosts



Give Me a Minute

Nothing / Sad N Stuff

called you again



Broken Glass (unreleased)

I Guess (unreleased)


In What World

erase me 


come down soon (unreleased)

Pancakes for Dinner

orange show speedway

Listen to the setlist here!

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