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A Little Love by Mim Grey

Olivia Cardona

Feb 7, 2024

Deep dive into Mim Grey's latest single, "A Little Love!"

Acclaimed London based singer-songwriter, Mim Grey has released her latest single, "A Little Love" today! Known for her unique music style of effortlessly blending country, pop, soul and jazz, she has captured the hearts of many around the world. Mim has been releasing music since 2011 and has found an incredible sound throughout the years. She has teamed up with legendary guitarist Robbie McIntosh, known for his work with Paul McCartney and John Mayer, on this single and did not disappoint! "A Little Love" is described as a song full of emotion filled vocals and incredible story telling.

Prior to listening to "A Little Love", I was yet to be blessed with hearing Mim's music. Her vocals are super relaxing to listen to. When taking my first listen, I was hit with a strong wave of peace and comfort. This track explored all aspects of love in a magically seamless way. Mim brings the feelings of hope, love, and patience to life with the simplicity yet mesmerizing vocals. After giving it a listen, I was immediately taken aback by the simple yet incredible instrumentals of this track. The subtle snaps and random guitar strums contribute to the overall feeling of love throughout the song. Her vocals, combined with all the instrumentals, beautifully conveys the essence of enduring love, and navigating through the highs and lows that come with it. The lyrics feel as if they're drawn and written straight from the heart, reflecting the complex emotions that surround relationships. These attributes weave a beautiful narrative of a couple experiencing the ups and downs, with love being the force that keeps them together. In my opinion, this song would be a perfect fit as the closing track for a romantic movie!

The standout elements for me were the vocals, particularly the perfectly timed runs that elevated the song without overdoing it. Additionally, the production and instrumentals played a crucial role in making this song truly special. As an artist who has been releasing music for quite some time, Mim is extremely hidden and underrated for the amount of talent she shares with the world.

It's safe to say, "A Little Love" is nothing short of incredible. If you love artists such as Bruno Major, Lionel Richie, and Whitney Houston you will fall in love with Mim Grey. With all that said, "A Little Love" is out now on all streaming platforms and we highly suggest giving it a listen. Mim is set to release her new album spring of this year and we cannot wait to hear it!

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