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Emily Freeland

Sep 29, 2023

Jersey native, SOPHIE SHREDZ, just released her nesest single! Read all about it with Emily's review.

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern music, few artists have managed to capture the essence of creativity and innovation like SOPHIE SHREDZ. Bursting onto the scene with her groundbreaking single ‘EYEZ ON ME’ this enigma of a songwriter captivates listeners with her mesmerizing track, fusing elements of electronic, hip-hop, and alternative genres into a sonic tapestry that defies the classification of hyper-pop. 

Small-town New Jersey native, Sophie Ruggiero started taking guitar lessons from her local music store at age seven, but by her freshman year of high school, she was fully encompassed in her passion for making music. Shortly after high school, she moved to Nashville where she was able to broaden her access to collaborations and build her notoriety as a musician, delving into the R&B and indie rock genres. She later began to dabble in electronic pop, producing her first electronic pop track in 2021. With inspiration from artists like Led Zeppelin and Ashnikko, she began working on her own project: ‘SOPHIE SHREDZ,’ in which she combines her classical guitar training with her unique hyper-pop style as a medium for self-expression and social commentary. 

With ‘EYEZ ON ME,’ Sophie invites us to step into her world of hypnotic beats, ethereal melodies, and hauntingly evocative lyrics, her powerful and emotionally charged vocals cutting through the music to inspire listeners to explore their own emotions and desires, all the while expressing her own views on embracing the human experience and unconventionality. The song is an immersive experience that blurs the lines between art and music, pushing the boundaries of genre, gender, and personal growth. 

In a musical landscape often dominated by conformity, Sophie is a beacon of authenticity and artistry, and ‘EYEZ ON ME’ is the captivating soundtrack to her fearless journey. As a strikingly daring and graphic sensation, Sophie allows listeners to join her on this exhilarating – albeit sometimes intense – ride into the unknown. For us, SOPHIE SHREDZ is an artist who demands our attention and challenges us to see the world in a whole new light. ‘EYEZ ON ME’ is out on all streaming platforms, go take a listen!

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