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Flip the Switch by Asher Angel

Emily Freeland

Jan 26, 2024

Asher Angel releases latest hit to add to his ever evolving discography. Read what Emily had to say about the new track!

Known for his exceptional prowess as a singer, songwriter, and actor, Asher Angel continues to captivate audiences with his unique blend of charism and musical artistry. With an impressive career that has seen him evolve from a Disney star to a rising force in the music industry, his newest single, “Flip the Switch,” promises to be another milestone in his musical journey. Blending the fresh and vibrant pop sounds with a hint of R&B, the song showcases Angel’s growth as an artist. 

The infectious energy of the track is evident from the opening notes, setting the stage for a fun yet connectable sonic journey. The top-notch production features a dynamic arrangement that allows Angel’s vocals to shine and the lyricism conveys a sense of confidence and maturity that reflects his evolution as an artist. His words are cleverly crafted, weaving a narrative that explores themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and the thrill of letting go of your past. I was beyond intrigued to hear this new single, and seeing how much Angel’s grown since Disney was exciting to me. His music felt like the perfect match for the energy I got from him when I was first introduced to him as Jonah in Andi Mack, and I think if Jonah could see him now, he’d be more than proud of how far he’s come. 

But the song is more than just a catchy tune; it proves Asher Angel’s versatility as an artist. His ability to seamlessly transition between acting and music is evident in the authenticity he brings to each project. The single’s upbeat tempo and infectious hooks are sure to make it a hit on the airwaves and a favorite amongst listeners, especially those who have been with him since his acting career. As a performer, Asher Angel has an undeniable stage presence, and “Flip the Switch” is poised to become a highlight of his live performances. All of the upbeat and enjoyable qualities of the song make it a perfect anthem for those seeking a burst of excitement and fun.

In short, Asher Angel’s “Flip the Switch” shows just how far he has come on this artistic journey. With its infectious energy, impeccable production, and enjoyable lyrics, this single is bound to make waves in the music industry. As Angel continues to carve his path in both acting and music, “Flip the Switch” stands as a testament to his versatility and enduring appeal. Prepare yourselves for the fun that is “Flip the Switch,” out now on all streaming platforms!

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