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Get to Know Kayla DiVenere

Olivia Cardona

Mar 6, 2024

Get to know Kayla as we ask her questions about her latest single and incredible fashion choices!

We had the pleasure of interviewing multi-talented singer, songwriter and artist Kayla DiVenere in celebration of her latest single "Small Talk." Following her recent hit singles including "Date Myself" and "Jumping the Gun" Kayla has found a devoted group of listeners with her ear catching alt-pop hits!

This popstar in the making has been drawn into the arts since the start. She began acting at age six, staring on screen in Love Victor, Law & Order and Light as a Feather, and has since moved into the world of music. Kayla has an immense amount of talent and we are proud to share some of the inspiration and thoughts behind her work!

Your fashion style is super unique! Where do you find your inspiration?

I've experimented a lot with fashion growing up and I've found it to be another great form of self expression to tap into. I find fashion inspiration through Pinterest, thrifting, and just people watching. I love streetwear and vintage fashion, so lately I’ve been trying to combine the two. Overall, I just dress in what makes me feel amazing, and then I feel like the coolest person, which helps me conquer my day.

Do you think growing up as a child in the arts has impacted you at all as an artist now?

I started loving the arts so young that sometimes it almost feels like I was just born into it. I'm so happy I was able to have the tools at such a young age to do what I love, and I think it's definitely made me a better artist to have had a wonderful way of self expression since I was a child. Growing up with an outlet, it really made my muscle stronger for turning experiences into art.

Which artists do you take inspiration from in your work?

I grew up listening to so many different genres and artists and I truly think my music is a blend of everything I've ever consumed. I take inspiration from actually everything I listen to and there's always something cool to take note of that I keep in the back of my brain for when I sit down to write a song.

What would your dream collaboration be?

I'm obsessed with Dominic Fike's music, and it would be a dream to collaborate with him in the future. His melodies are so sticky and his flow is crazy.

Tell us about the process of creating your new single, “Small Talk”?

I've had a secret crush on my brother's best friend ever since I was 14, and "Small Talk" was created in my longing to have more than 5 minute fleeting conversations with him every time he would come over. My imagination ran wild and I found myself aching for something like a John Hughes romance movie with a secret love, boombox at my window, playing his favorite mixtape type of love. After rewatching every romance movie to exist, it was absolute torture to continue entertaining meaningless small talk with my brothers best friend, so I decided to write "Small Talk" in attempts to pour my heart out and make sense of my craving of wanting something more.

Our magazine is very oriented towards fans and their importance to music. With that said, do you have any funny or fun fan stories?

My first fan encounter was when I was at a sit down dinner with two of my friends. A fan came up to me to ask for a picture and I was so shocked that absolutely nothing came out of my mouth. I probably looked so rude but I actually was just so stunned that I couldn't form any words.

What mark do you want to leave on the world with your music?

My main goal is to have my music be an outlet for the world. I want to be able to offer what music has given to me growing up, a safe space. Music can change the molecules in a room, inspire, and mold others and I hope I can have that effect on anyone.

Do you have any goals or upcoming plans for this new year?

I have so much new music that I've been working on that is going to come out in 2024, and I can't wait for everyone to hear it! I also just did my first show last month, and I'm so looking forward to doing so many more :)

Kayla's new single, "Small Talk" is out now on all streaming platforms! Be sure to connect with Kayla on all social media, she is a rising star you won't want to miss.

A huge thank you to Kayla for sharing her time and giving us a glimpse into her creative mind. It is so wonderful to get to hear the process of her work and her motivation behind it. We wish her nothing but the best and cannot wait to see what this upcoming year brings her.

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