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Gravity by Thomas Day

Isabella Soares-Sousa & Olivia Cardona

Aug 18, 2023

Thomas Day has released his newest single ‘Gravity.’ Here's our verdict on the song!

Thomas Day, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, has released his new single, ‘Gravity.’ The singer began his musical journey at just age 9 after joining musical theater and has not stopped since. His career kicked off after his 2020 America’s Got Talent performance, in which he was able to make it to the semi-finals. This exposure not only brought his name to light but left him with a large number of fans following his journey long after the show. Thomas has amassed millions of streams in 2023 alone and currently has 769k monthly listeners on Spotify! Though most of his past songs are about heartbreak, “Gravity” is truly an incredible love song. Thomas says, “This is the first proper love song I ever wrote. All my songs are about love and heartbreak, but ‘Gravity” is about capturing that feeling you get when you're in love. The butterflies in your stomach, yell it from the rooftop kind of love.” 


I discovered Thomas in 2020 through his America’s Got Talent performance of one of my all-time favorite songs, ‘Break My Heart Again’ by FINNEAS. It's usually very hard to impress me with a FINNEAS cover, but Thomas blew me away. From that point on, I continued to follow Thomas and his progression as an artist. His discography has a range of both ballads and pop songs, with all songs showing his vulnerability. His new single, ‘Gravity,’ is a love song written to capture all those feelings you face when in love, and it does nothing but blow away the listener. My first listen had me fall in love with this song entirely; the production and lyrics were incredible, but Thomas’ vocals really took me by storm. I feel like this song really showed how remarkable Thomas is as an artist. Listening to ‘Gravity’ makes me feel all of those happy feelings you feel when you're in love, from the butterflies to feeling like you're pulled to this person by gravity. I absolutely adore the buildup in this song and feel like it really tied it together. Overall I truly was so blown away by this song and cannot wait to see what else Thomas achieves. 


Thomas Day had been a fairly new name on my radar as far as new artists go. Liv had always talked about him, but I just could not fall into his music. However, we were given the opportunity to hear his new song, ‘Gravity,’ before it was released. I was hesitant at first to review the song just because of my past experiences listening to his discography, but was absolutely blown away by this one. I listened to the song the only right way to listen to a love song; I played it in my car while I was driving late at night at full volume. When I played ‘Gravity’ for the first time, I felt chills run up and down my entire body like the song had itched a part of my brain that I didn’t know could be itched. The production and the raw emotion radiating from Thomas’ vocals completely melted me from the inside out. The soft piano, in the beginning, reminds me of when you first fall in love with someone; you’re scared and don’t know how to handle the emotions and feelings towards the person, and you question whether it is true or if you imagining it all. Then you hit the build-up of the song that introduces a choir; it reminds me of when you fully realize that you love the person and want to scream at the top of your lungs to everyone just how much you love them from the highest rooftop, just as Thomas had mentioned.

‘Gravity’ is gut-wrenching, cathartic, and, currently, my favorite song. I have already learned the lyrics to the song, and I find myself going back to the song every day just to experience it all over again. The one lyric I cannot shake off in this song is, “And I’m not scared if I come crashin’ 'cause I’ll be crashin’ into you.” It just made me get that twisty feeling in my gut when you are in love with someone. All in all, Thomas does a beautiful job on this single, and I cannot wait to see what else he produces this year!

Thomas Day's new single, 'Gravity,' is currently out on all streaming platforms, and we highly recommend checking him out if you enjoy artists like FINNEAS, David Kushner, and Lewis Capaldi. The Fanaticus Team is absolutely lovestruck with this song and cannot wait to see where the upcoming years lead Thomas. If you haven’t already listened to it this is your sign!

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