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Just Look at the Moon by Cade Hoppe

Olivia Cardona

Nov 3, 2023

Cade Hoppe has released his new EP, "Just Look at the Moon" today! Read to see Olivia's thoughts on it!

Cade Hoppe, the New York based indie-pop artist has released his latest EP, "Just Look at the Moon" today. Cade has been releasing music since 2021, with his debut EP coming out a couple months following. He has amassed over 12 thousand followers on TikTok and thousands of monthly listeners on Spotify. From love songs to life reflections, this EP has a wide variety and is sure to have some music any one person might enjoy. Cade has an incredible range both vocally and lyrically. He says, "I managed to get much more existential with this project, for better or worse. The more I give to music and the pursuit of it, the more detached from reality I become, and there's a lot of that in here." He puts his all into these songs he releases into the world and you can truly feel the energy when listening to them.

Previously to listening to this EP I had not had a chance to check Cade's music out, but fell in love with it. Within seconds of listening to the first track, "Fresh Start," I was immedietly submerged into the music. The song begins with keys mixed with a synth, giving an out of this world feel. The listener is soon greeted by Cade's vocals with some super cool distortion to it. This song is definelty more on the aspect of feeling lost and wanting to start over, something everybody has been through. The track goes on to a love song, "Labels" with that same unique vocals to it. As soon as I listen to "Moon" for the first time I fell in love. The guitar mixed with the synth and drums make it feel so heavenly yet still out of this world.

After listening to the EP in its entirety, my favorite track was definitely "Moon." The production mixed with lyrics and vocals gave me chills. The layering in the instrumentals of this song truly made the song have so much more power to it. I also really loved the track "Dirty". Though this song is much slower than a lot of the songs on the EP, it was really beautiful and I was mesmerized by Cade's vocals/lyricism in this song. I utterly, and totally, fell in love with the keys and strings on this song. I really enjoy Cade's work and cannot wait to see what else he achieves in the future!

Overall Cade has created a masterpiece of an EP that will leave you with chills through your entire body. The story telling and lyricism in this song will keep you pulled into the EP through the whole record. If you're a fan of Eighty Ninety, James Bay, or Florence and the Machine you'll love Cade Hoppe! We look forward to seeing what else he achieves in the future. "Just Look at the Moon" is out now on all streaming platforms!

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