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Worth a Try by Good Deal

Olivia Cardona

Jan 10, 2024

Read all about Olivia's thoughts on Good Deal's latest single "Worth a Try".

Good Deal, the North Carolina-based indie rock band, recently released their latest single, "Worth a Try." Good Deal is a talented indie rock band consisting of four members. The band is led with vocals and guitar by Cliff Johnson, supported by his team, including Andrew Barsody, William Ashley, and Bryan Miller. They have only been releasing music since 2023 but have already built up and found an incredible sound. "Worth a Try" is the band's latest single before releasing their debut EP on January 19. The band says, "This song came rather quickly in moments of deep self-reflection, being unsure about big life decisions, but choosing to go through with it anyway."

Prior to receiving "Worth a Try," I had not yet heard of Good Deal. I did not know what to expect going into the song, but I was absolutely blown away. I'm a sucker for indie-rock music, and "Worth a Try" checks all the boxes for me. The song begins with a loud instrumental, going almost immediately into a slower instrumental with Cliff's vocals. As the track continues, the guitar builds up alongside the vocals, really pulling the song together. Besides the absolutely incredible production, the band serves the listener some super relatable lyrics! The song shares the experience most people have of being unsure about a big decision but going with it despite the risk, something I've been facing a lot recently. In its entirety, "Worth a Try" is a fantastic track from start to finish, with a breathtaking guitar solo mid-song.

Good Deal is an absolute powerhouse of talent, and I highly suggest checking them out! If you enjoy artists such as Peach Pit, Hippo Campus, and The Backseat Lovers, you will be hooked on Good Deal's discography. The band is starting their new year off right with their debut EP releasing on January 19. This is only the start for Good Deal, and we cannot wait to see what else they put out this year.

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