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Carly Rae Jepsen

The world-famous, Grammy winning singer-songwriter, Carly Rae Jepsen made the All Things Go crowd “cut to the feeling” of what heaven feels like. Her performance shattered the records of the previous crowds at the All Things Go music festival, with the entire venue selling out to see her. Carly has been making music since 2007 and had a breakthrough in music in 2012 with the release of her single, ‘Call Me Maybe.’ Since her rise she has released timeless hit songs including ‘Good Time’ with Owl City and one of her latest songs to blow up, ‘Cut To The Feeling.’

With a breathtaking crowd supporting her, Carly had the opportunity to headline All Things Go, alongside some of the world's biggest artists. The festival was, by far, this year's biggest festival with headliners such as Boygenius, Maggie Rogers, and Lana Del Rey. Many fans traveled from all around North America to Maryland to experience this life-changing lineup. No matter how tired the fans might have been from how far they’ve traveled, they continued to push through the heat, securing their dream spots for Carly’s performance. Despite the exhaustion of the fans traveling so far for this festival, they continued to stand in the heat all day making sure they secured the perfect spot to watch Carly’s performance.

The entire day leading up to Carly’s set, fans put their entire hearts into the artists performing before her. I’ve been to so many concerts prior to this and have never experienced such a kind crowd. The atmosphere was so positive, with everybody complimenting each other’s outfits without any fear of judgment by anybody in the venue. Before I knew it, the lights had dimmed and the cheering of fans echoed through the venue; Carly’s band filed on stage as the introduction played. Then the moment everybody had been waiting for was here. Carly ran on stage with a huge, welcoming smile, and began performing her song, “Let’s Sort The Whole Thing Out.”

As somebody who’s not too big into pop, I was absolutely drawn to Carly’s performance. Her energy radiated to absolutely everybody inside the venue. I couldn’t find a single person in that venue who wasn’t dancing without a smile plastered on their face. Besides having such incredible vocals live, Carly’s stage presence is something truly so hard to find. She had such a strong interaction with the crowd, interacting with them as much as she possibly could. With many instances going as close to the edge of the stage as she could, making sure to sing to each fan in the pit. The night continued with a room full of singing and dancing. As somebody who grew up listening to so much of Carly’s music, I was super excited to get to see her perform, and she did not disappoint one bit!

Before I knew it the night was beginning to come to its end. While watching the end of Carly’s set it hit me how much music truly brings people together. People flew from all over to sing and dance to some of their favorite songs, leaving anything happening outside of their lives outside of the venue. Sometimes it's super hard to create music that truly comes to life and immerses the listener in it, but Carly did exactly that. Her performance captivated everybody in the room and showed us what music is truly all about.

Overall Carly’s performance is absolutely amazing and I’d highly recommend seeing her live! She had an amazing crowd and an even better stage presence. She sounded incredible live, almost better than the studio version, and interacted a ton with the crowd. Two of the things I love the most about an artist's performance. She fully exceeded all expectations.!

Words and photos by Olivia Cardona (IG: @capture.the.mind)

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