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Catharsis and Connection Found on Samia's "Honey" Tour

Photo by: Sam Schucker (@schucke.r)

Samia Finnerty, better known as Samia, has wrapped up her Honey Tour after the 2023 release of her second studio album of the same name. I have been a big Samia fan for years but had not seen her live until her October 28th headline show at Club AE in Pittsburgh. Samia had played a sold-out show at Brooklyn Steel in New York earlier in the year that I could not attend. Knowing that Brooklyn Steel holds around 2,000 concertgoers, I had expected a similar venue size for this show. So, imagine my delight upon arriving at Club AE and seeing the venue held a tenth of the Brooklyn Steel capacity.

Upon seeing the setlist, I was a little disheartened with how short I thought the set was, especially compared to other headline shows of similar size I’ve seen recently. However, these feelings of disappointment dissipated once I realized this would be one of the most extraordinary shows I have been lucky enough to attend. Taking us through songs mainly from her two studio albums, The Baby and Honey, it was clear why she would need to keep a shorter setlist. Songs like "Something In The Movies" and "Sea Lions," while not only vocally demanding, are also emotionally demanding. However, this is precisely what makes Samia an incredibly talented and mesmerizing live performer: The emotional release she and her audience go through allows the two to connect in such an intimate way.

During "Sea Lions," Samia announced that she would take a dance break and encouraged fans to do the same, stating that sometimes she closes her eyes and wants this to be a moment of everyone letting go. Hands were raised as audience members swayed and danced as one. Applause roared through the crowd as Samia introduced her “final” song, "Something in the Movies." Fans sang lyrics back to her with teary eyes and linked arms as the show came to a close.

For her encore, Samia sang the title track of her 2023 album, Honey, and invited opening artists Venus and the Flytraps on stage to help close the show. Samia has previously explained in an Instagram Q&A that this song is about being “drunk and in denial.” Still, she adds that she is happy to know many people have turned the song into an anthem about community and sharing joy with the people you love. Choosing this song as the show closer seems to be a perfect example of the latter. Samia jumped down to join the crowd in their exuberance, the whole audience singing in unison. This moment of pure joy and catharsis solidified this show as one of my favorites of the entire year.

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