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Cavetown's Central Park Collective

The Bittersweet Daze Tour showered New York City’s Central Park with a storm of love this past Thursday. The venue filled with thousands of fans, forming a line through the park that took over an hour to fill into the venue. The event appealed to fans of all ages who came to Summerstage for the good vibes and even better music. Cavetown has been soaring through the United States this summer alongside artists grentperez, Ricky Montogomery, and mxmtoon, forming a tight-knit family of supporters through their music and representation. In addition to establishing a safe environment for all to feel accepted, Cavetown also partnered with the This Is Home Project to offer donations that’ll help the LGBTQ+ community have their stories be heard. Cavetown phenomenally curated an entirely inclusive event which made everyone in attendance feel appreciated and understood.


The first act we had the pleasure to witness perform the other night was Los Angeles singer-songwriter Ricky Montgomery. The alternative artist entered the scene in mid-2016 with a self-titled album, Montgomery Ricky. However, it wasn’t until Ricky Montgomery’s songs blew up on TikTok four years later that record labels became enticed with his persona. Ricky Montgomery eventually signed to Warner Brothers, gaining massive recognition around the world from, not only listeners, but other artists as well. All this considered, Ricky Montgomery has enchanted the music industry as a whole and continues to do such. His magnetic charisma builds a signature connection with the crowd making Ricky Montgomery Central Park’s muse for the evening. Ricky frequently integrated ways to re-engage the crowd from start to finish, but ultimately, the highlight of Ricky’s set for us was halfway through when he slingshotted merch into the crowd. The selection for openers couldn’t have been better thought out; Ricky exceptionally revived the crowd for the remaining two artists and surely left his mark on Manhattan.

The next artist to waltz on stage was Lofi pop-star mxmtoon, who transformed the concert into a disco, but most certainly not a sad one. Being from Brooklyn, it was obvious mxmtoon felt at home in New York City. This translated into her set feeling intimate;It was almost as if we were crowding around her bedroom, listening to her record her beloved hits on a computer. Mxmtoon has built a close relationship with her fans over the years, even before she gained recognition for her musicianship. Maia began her career on social media as an influencer. With this online influence, Maia was able to defy the typical boundaries set between an artist and their supporters early on, instead establishing something closer to a friendship between herself and her fans. All in all, the best moment of mxmtoon’s set consisted of her playing ukulele on stage. Maia is known to be trained on a variety of instruments; however, you can tell the ukulele specifically is second nature to her. Mxmtoon markets her music as sad lyrics with happy beats, and she couldn’t be more spot on labeling herself as such. The music is relatable yet danceable and this has made people quickly fall in love with the young female artist.


The sun might’ve gone down, but the anticipation for Cavetown’s performance only kept rising. Fans were bubbling with elation from the balconies to the barricades as they greeted the European artist with a chant of their stage name. At only 13 years old, Cavetown decided to open a bandcamp under a name they simply thought sounded cool, little did Skinner know, 10 years later that same name would echo through Central Park. Coming from a family of musicians, Cavetown has spent the better portion of their life refining their skills as a musician, and the dedication they have towards their music cannot go unnoticed. From the production, to instrumentals, to vocality, Cavetown is an all-around sensational act. Although most of us know Cavetown as a solo artist, Skinner did bring a phenomenal band along to accompany them on stage, which enhanced the music, especially in the outdoor venue. Even so, Cavetown played along with the band throughout the set on both acoustic and electric guitar while still engaging with the crowd. Cavetown has already stolen the hearts of over 8 million people internationally, yet this hasn’t changed their humble interactions with the crowds. The music makes you want to close your eyes, begin to daydream, and sway to the melodic production.

Although the Bittersweet Daze Tour is passing through its final stops this weekend, Cavetown is easily one of the most active in the industry, and it won’t be long until new music or even another tour is announced. Keep up with the artist below to be the first to know what’s next for Cavetown!

Photos and Words by Sabrina Amoriello @blondbiimbo

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