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Joe P

Joe P, the New Jersey native took on his hometown show on Saturday at the beautiful White Eagle Hall in Jersey City. Joe has been releasing music since 2020, creating the majority of his songs from his basement! He went on to release his debut album, “Emily Can’t Sing” in 2021, along with his latest EP “French Blonde” last year. Joe has had an impressive career, gaining over half a million monthly listeners!

With an incredibly warming crowd alongside him, Joe took the crowd by storm with his performance. New Jersey gave him nothing short of a warm welcome back home, completely filling the venue.

The night began with the alternative rock band, Good Boy Daisy opening up the show. Before this show, I had not yet listened to the band but I was soon blown away. The entire band was so talented with an amazing stage presence. Even though the majority of the crowd seemed to get their first taste of the band at this show, they gave the band all their energy. I was mesmerized by the amount of energy each band member had. I highly recommend giving them a listen, you will be hooked!

After a long while of the crowd jamming out to the music between sets, the lights dimmed once again. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for. The room echoed with the cheers of fans eager to finally hear Joe live. A few moments later the band entered the stage with Joe following soon after. The set began with the song “Color TV” off of French Blonde, the perfect track to begin the night. This song has a mix of both rock and a slower pop tone to it. This was executed so well live between the instrumentals and the passion in Joe’s voice. You could feel the amount of talent radiating through the room.

The night went on with Joe heading into his song “Leaves”, one of my personal favorites from his discography. I can’t find any other words to describe Joe’s music besides captivating. I found myself unable to look away from his performance. His sound is something super unique, sounding just as good live as the studio version of his music. Along with this, his band is very talented, really making his performance that much better. Though the crowd was quite large, the energy in the room made it feel so intimate. The echoes of the fans blending with Joe’s voice made it a super special kind of vibe in the room.

Something I’ve noticed with a lot of these “smaller” shows is the crowd typically just goes to enjoy the music, instead of singing along. This was not the case for Joe’s fans. They went completely all out, singing every song, not missing a single word. It was super heartwarming to see a crowd with so much energy for such a talented artist.

The show soon came to an end, leaving me thoroughly impressed and touched by Joe’s music and the energy of his fans. As somebody who has been listening to Joe for a couple of years now, getting to finally have the opportunity to see him live was such an amazing moment for me. Every single song was executed nothing less than perfect, showing the world how genuinely talented Joe and his band are. If you’re looking for a concert with amazing music and a wonderful crowd add Joe P to your list of artists to see live! You will not be disappointed!

Connect with Joe P here:

Words and Photos by Olivia Cardona

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