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The Ballroom Thieves Enchant Princeton

Photo by: Liv Cardona (@capture.the.mind)

The New England-based indie-folk duo, The Ballroom Thieves, continued their journey supporting Sarah Jarosz in the heart of Princeton, NJ. The duo, previously a trio, has been releasing music since 2012 and has been building a loyal following. Consisting of the ever so mesmerizing Martin Earley, a vocalist and guitarist, and cathartic Calin Peter, vocalist and cello, the couple shares music with deep lyrics and bone-chilling vocals. The Ballroom Thieves are set to release their new album, “Sundust,” in April of this year.

After a long drive, I was welcomed into the venue with warm energy from both staff and fans. Despite the audience being older than a typical show I attend, it felt nice to experience such positive energy from the fans. No matter their background, all people made sure to greet the people around them and create wonderful conversations. 

As the house became full of eager listeners, The Ballroom Thieves were soon introduced, and the lights dimmed down. The stage lights soon came on, and the crowd immediately immersed themselves in nothing but the band. They were welcomed on stage with nothing but their vocals and their instruments in hand, moments away from stealing the breaths of the crowd. Going into this show, I had no idea what to expect, but I quickly fell in love with their sound as their set began. 

After the first song, the duo noticed the lack of Calin’s cello being heard. Despite the technical difficulties, the band took advantage of the moment to interact with the crowd and create a super memorable and funny experience for everybody. They made countless hilarious yet simple jokes to fit the moment. They took the time to answer any questions the crowd had in a memorable way. This lighthearted moment made me fall in love with the energy of the room even more. Laughs echoed throughout the room, and I felt a smile plastered on my face. Despite coming to this show alone, the Ballroom Thieves made it feel like home. 

Eventually, the team fixed the audio, Calin thanked the techs working the night, and the set continued. The duo has such a simple yet mesmerizing way of performing. The lyrics pull the people in, and the harmonic vocals bring everything together. The songs performed that night told incredible stories, from love to the struggles of mental health to navigating through a world of social media and technology. I took in their set, unlike any concert I’ve been to before, completely entranced by the immense talent that was in front of me. The crowd was completely silent as if they were entranced and mesmerized by the duo. The harmonies shared between the two, combined with the cello, sent chills down my spine. Something about their performance was so simple, yet I was unable to take my eyes away. Despite their vocals being on the softer side, you could feel every ounce of power and emotion being projected into the crowd. 

Before I knew it, the duo had said their thank yous to everybody, and they were performing their last song. Without an introduction, I immediately knew this was my favorite song of theirs, “In the Morning.” The stripped-down acoustic version of this song made me fall in love with this song all over again. The harmonies made me feel like I was being welcomed into heaven. The mix of the acoustic guitar and cello was out of this world. I feel it is impossible to put into words how incredible this performance was truly. Without a doubt, you must add The Ballroom Thieves to the list of artists you MUST see in your life. Their performance allows you to feel less alone in a confusing world, and you will be sure to leave with a smile plastered on your face. If you like artists such as Noah Kahan, Phoebe Bridgers, and Hozier, you will absolutely adore The Ballroom Thieves. All around, the energy was something I had never seen, and the utter silence from the crowd due to pure admiration and joy for the duo was something that would leave you blown away. I wish the best of luck to The Ballroom Thieves on the rest of their tour!

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