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Lauren Spencer Smith

Pour your heart out to Lauren Spencer Smith as she ventures around the world on her current mirror tour. The nineteen-year-old artist is taking the world by storm with a nineteen-song setlist and numerous sold-out shows after only a year of her self-released album “Fingers Crossed” being available across all streaming platforms. Although her songs mostly speak of heartbreak and loss of love, you surely won’t feel either of those emotions from the crowd at her show. Lauren Spencer Smith will make you fall in love all over again and feel full of love by the end of her set. The rising artist gained massive influence rapidly this past year, with this new found influence, so much so that New York City couldn’t get enough of the melodic singe which is why she took over Plaza not only once, but twice in one week, with both performances sold out and packed in. Lauren Spencer Smith is just getting started in the music scene. Still, so many have already become infatuated with her spectacular voice, intimate stage presence, and overall lighthearted instrumentals paired with emotional, relatable lyrics. Lauren’s growing success on social media will continue to take her far in her endeavors musically, and we can’t wait to witness her growth in the industry.

Starting at only sixteen years old, British-born Lauren Spencer Smith stepped out in front of American Idol judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie, leaving them speechless at her audition. Fans felt the same way when Lauren was cut early on in the competition, but this didn’t deter Lauren from her passions; if anything, it made her even more polished and dedicated; in addition, she found comfort in front of live audiences. On this note, Lauren did a phenomenal job engulfing the stage, ultimately making a home in New York City’s Irving Plaza, not only for herself to live in, but for the fans screaming along to find consolation. Everyone in attendance truly felt a part of something personal. Lauren’s connection with the crowd is special; she sincerely appreciates every single fan and makes sure the family she’s created through her music is certain of her gratitude. It comes as no surprise why so many people have fallen in love with Lauren so suddenly as a result of her recent social media growth. The singer’s voice is truly exceptional and can make anyone become entranced. I love how Lauren showcased her vocal range in her live performance by undertaking a cover of a vocally challenging Adele song that further rejuvenated the crowd. Despite the screams of fans being loud enough to drown out Lauren’s voice, her production was fantastic, and her vocals were powerful enough to echo through the venue space and find its forever home in your head.

Lauren has been enticing the world with her music since 2019, but she is still a growing artist, and being as young as she is, Lauren is definitely an up-and-coming musician you’ll want to keep an eye on. It won’t take long before Lauren Spencer Smith is a household name in the industry, so become acquainted with “Fingers Crossed” and catch Lauren as she travels through the world for her Mirror Tour.

Pictures and Words by Sabrina Amoriello @blondbiimbo

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