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Noah Kahan

The Vermont native, Noah Kahan, continued his Stick Season Summer Tour in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Noah is a 26-year-old who has been making music since 2017 and has been taking on his sold out tour for his album “Stick Season,” which was released in October of last year. The folk-pop artist has been on the rise, with great reason, with a whopping 15 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone! Along with this, Noah has gained the attention of some of today’s biggest artists, letting him release his latest single, “Dial Drunk” with Post Malone.

With an incredible crowd alongside him, Noah took the night away with his performance that was nothing short of perfection. Though it was nearly 90 degrees outside, fans completely filled the venue, not leaving a single seat empty, even with fans without tickets enjoying the music from outside of the venue!

The night began with singer-songwriter, Ruston Kelly, warming up the crowd. Though Ruston’s music isn’t the type of music I’d typically listen to, I was mesmerised by his performance. Ruston even included a cover of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” in his set! He and his band had amazing energy and truly captivated anybody who listened to them.

Before I knew it, the lights dimmed once again, this time it was the moment everyone had been waiting for. Cheering erupted through the venue with fans ready to experience the night they had waited months for. The band of four first entered the stage with Noah following soon after. He began his set with “All My Love”, the perfect song to start the night off with. The humid air didn’t stop the crowd from screaming their loudest, not missing a single word. The crowd seemed to get louder and louder throughout the night. It was seriously impressive!

The night continued with Noah singing his stories with his acoustic guitar in hand, touching the hearts of all his fans. As somebody who hasn’t been a fan of Noah for too long, it was so magical to hear these songs live, even if I had only heard them once or twice prior to seeing him. Between his pure talent and beautiful energy, Noah’s way of performing is something difficult to find. Even as somebody who isn’t very into folk music, I am so mesmerized by his presence. I feel the fans singing along to these songs made it something even more wonderful to experience; they gave it a much more intimate feel, something I absolutely adore in concerts.

As the show comes to an end I was left truly touched by Noah’s music and his storytelling through his songs. I’ve been to too many shows to keep track of and this one was definitely one that stood out the most to me. Hearing this album live, even if I didn’t know all of it, was just something so beautiful. The best part of the show was definitely seeing one of my favorite songs right now, “She Calls Me Back.” No matter who you are I felt like there was a place for you at this show. The energy was something so accepting and so hard to find. If you want to go to a show that you’ll never forget you must add seeing Noah Kahan live to your list!

Photos and words by Olivia Cardona

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